Business topics addressed in the "Working With" seminar:

  • Superior/subordinate interaction
  • Negotiation styles
  • Leadership characteristics
  • Managerial work styles
  • Project planning
  • Business communication
  • Networking/developing relationships
  • Conflict resolution

Training Objectives of the Working with“X” Session:

  • To understand the cultural influences and values of "X"
  • To identify behavioral expectations different than our own
  • To demonstrate ability to suggest alternative style approaches in "X" 

Below are typical comments US nationals make after working with their Indian colleagues.  Our one day program, “Working with Indians”, navigates the issues and explains why these frustrations occur. The course provides executives with an understanding of Indian people: their beliefs, how they think, what their work styles are like, and how to interact with Indians more effectively. 

“ Whenever I asked for their price quote, they just kept responding with comments about a long-term relationship.”

“Sometimes I get so frustrated with the rigid ‘by the book’ attitude.”

“I feel as though I am pulling teeth to get a solution-oriented answer.”

"I just want to know the truth on task status - good or bad. I'd rather know today that we're running behind than hear we are on target and find out later that we’ve missed our deadline."

"My Indian colleagues seem to think it's okay to keep everyone who made the effort to be on time wait. Do meeting start times have no meaning?"

“He just tells us what to do, to do it now and never says please. It’s like we are his servants instead of his team.”

“I wish he’d just let loose a little bit and act more casual. I’m his colleague. He can call me by my first name.”